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Complaints handling


A customer complaint generally refers to a situation where a client has indicated dissatisfaction with a product, service, employee, organisation, management, or performance etc.

If you would like to file a complaint about the operations of TOKO, please:

1. fill out the Complaint Form here [Download] and send this Form to our team at:

    • Email:
    • Subject: Official Complaint.
    • Body: please provide your full name, email address and phone number registered with TOKO along with the substance of your complaint.


2. contact the TOKO customer hotline (UAE time, from 7.30 am to 6.00 pm from Monday to Friday): +971 58 662 2588. TOKO Operation staff managing Customer Hotline follows the below procedure for Complaint handling via phone: 

    • Greet the customer, listen to their complaint, and apologize for the inconvenience.
    • Offer a solution to solve the issue immediately, or, if not feasible, acknowledge the Complaint as described below in this Policy.
    • Inform the customer that TOKO FZE will follow-up with the customer within 1 week as described below in this Policy, and that the customer can contact the Hotline for an update at any moment through the resolution process.
    • Thank the customer for their business and for bringing the issue to TOKO FZE attention.
    • Document the complaint with the register of complaints as described below in this Policy and use the information to improve products and services.

TOKO FZE assesses any complaints made towards it fairly, consistently, discreetly, and promptly.

When TOKO FZE first receives a complaint via phone Hotline or Email:

  • TOKO FZE will send an acknowledgement letter to the customer within 1 week, informing that it has successfully received the complaint and is dealing with it.
  • TOKO FZE will resolve complaints within 4 weeks and the response to the customer will include an explanation of its assessment and remedial action, if any.

Employees must handle all complaints fairly, consistently, and promptly. If the complaint directly or indirectly involves a specific employee, another employee should be responsible for the investigation. Complaints must be recorded in a Complaints log and thoroughly investigated.

TOKO FZE will maintain a register of complaints, containing details of the complaints received during the year and how they have been dealt with. The Compliance Officer shall be responsible for monitoring this process. The Compliance Officer shall ensure that any reports of complaints are submitted to the director of the employee’s associated department and/or senior management.

Any person who would like to receive further information regarding TOKO including the conflict of interest policy, the Code of Conduct, the best execution policy and the Complaints handling policy should contact our team at:

The details of the complaints handling policy and resolution procedure are available here: [Download / Complaint Policy].