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  Building solutions for ESG and sustainability

TOKO’s Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) solutions combine next-generation technologies with ESG consulting. Global legal expertise helps customers meet their science-based sustainability targets, reduce costs, and create socially responsible organisational cultures.

TOKO provides cost-effective and environmentally sound carbon tokenisation by leveraging the benefits of the Hedera Hashgraph network. Hedera Hashgraph is 250,000 times more energy efficient than Bitcoin, using a scant 0.001-kilowatt hours per transaction, compared to 250 kWh for Bitcoin and 55 kWh for Ethereum.

In addition to improving ESG reporting and tokenising carbon credits, TOKO also helps customers upgrade their supply chain systems and participate in circular economy models to reduce, reuse and recycle. TOKO achieves this by bringing transparency in reusable asset management, consolidating disparate systems into a single source of truth, and facilitating coordination among different industry and regulatory bodies and functions.

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