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Enterprise Meets Web3: Tokenisation of Real World Assets - TOKEN2049 Singapore 2022
We envisage the future of finance. Tokenisation of real world assets with new asset classes and wider reach.
Regulations in Different Jurisdictions, FinTech and Digital Assets #SIS22 #ScaleupImpactSummit
In our fast changing world and technology innovations, regulator have to cope with new products and services.
Gossip about Gossip: An Inside Look at CorpComm - the Corporate Utilization Committee
Deep dive into Hedera’s CorpComm and real world applications of distributed ledger technology including TOKO ESG.
Gossip about Gossip: Tokenizing Real World Assets with TOKO
In-depth discussion on fractional ownership and asset tokenisation and the benefits of tokenisation.
BSN Spartan Global Summit 2022 - Scott Thiel, Founder & Entrepreneur-in-Residence, TOKO
How tokenisation can bring increased liquidity and accessibility to traditionally illiquid and inaccessible assets.
VFF FINTECH FORUM 2022 - Key Enablers for Digital Assets Industry to Building a Greener Ecosystem
In-depth discussion on building a greener economy and why TOKO leverages a Hedera for energy efficiency.
Demystifying NFTs Ownership
Scott shared his views on the current regulatory and the legal frameworks in crypto, using NFTs as an example.
Unleashing the Power of Tokenisation and Digital Assets #SIS22 #ScaleupImpactSummit
Tokenisation discussion on application, business models, missing links and regulations.
Learn About Hedera Governing Council Member: DLA Piper
Look back when DLA Piper became a Hedera Governing Council Member and what it means for our clients.
TOKO: Enterprise-grade tokenisation engine and digital asset management platform
Product overview of TOKO’s capabilities and what it means for our clients.