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  Building solutions to answer organisational challenges

Labs addresses organisational inefficiencies with blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) solutions. Labs combines legal, operational and technical expertise in order for organisations to realise value by generating new revenue streams and cost savings.

Labs is a hub for TOKO’s blockchain initiatives to develop, validate, design, build and deploy business solutions. These solutions will jumpstart organisations’ blockchain journey and address blockchain adoption challenges.

Labs leverages the existing TOKO infrastructure and platform - built to manage enterprise-grade process automation, orchestration and execution.


Tokenised syndicated loan

Blockchain-based solution that streamlines the syndicated loans process through increased transparency and shortened settlement times between financial institution participants

Document management

Document management solution providing digital traceability and authenticity validation to prevent data loss and tampering

Trademark management

Interoperable intellectual property (IP) management system utilising NFTs to manage the IP, trademark and patent lifecycles

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