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A tokenised fund is one where shares or units in the fund are digitally represented and can be traded and recorded on a distributed ledger. Through TOKO, fund managers can tokenise their fund providing several advantages such as lower costs associated with maintaining investor registers and secondary market trading and liquidity.

Key Benefits

  • Faster, cheaper, frictionless transactions through process automation and the removal of duplicative reconciliations
  • Improved liquidity through reduced intermediation and fractionalisation - increases investor pools
  • TOKO’s feature rich platform allows token supply management, account whitelisting and token recovery

Money market funds

Tokenised money market funds can increase liquidity, reduce transaction costs, and provide greater transparency and access to investments typically only available to institutional investors.

Private equity funds

Tokenised private equity funds allow greater transparency and easier access to these investment types, while increasing liquidity and reducing barriers to entry for investors.

Real estate investment funds

Tokenisation enables fractional ownership of real estate assets, increasing liquidity and allowing investors to participate in real estate investments with smaller amounts of capital.

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