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Media, licensing, intellectual property, and entitlements

Create unique digital assets and digital representations of physical media that are secure, interoperable, and provably scarce while being able to customize NFTs and smart contracts to digitally represent memberships, future entitlements to goods/services, or real-world assets.

Key Benefits

  • Previously illiquid assets now become investable through tokenisation
  • Leveraging tokenised physical assets to create new marketing campaigns
  • Eliminate fraudulent activities with more reliable ownership proof
  • Decrease capital requirements for intellectual properties by creating smart contracts on DLT

Fine art

Create digital representations of physical fine art with varying amounts of ownership

Souvenirs and giveaways

Leverage NFTs to increase engagement in events and promotions

Ad campaign

Build one of a kind online-to-offline campaigns by combining digital assets and print media


Create unique and copy-proof digital assets making reproduction of musical works easier to commercialise

Art brokerage

Mint smart contracts that represent both physical and digital artwork with ownership rights and copyright embedded into the token

Limited edition

Create smart contracts to represent varying rights and entitlements for limited edition product releases

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