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Real estate

Structure and tokenise real estate portfolios and corporate bonds to increase liquidity, reduce costs, and accelerate time to market.

REIT Fund Tokenisation
Access to Markets
Limited variety and fixed proportions
Enables fractionalisation, lowering minimum investment requirements and allowing for more investors to participate in the funding process
Repetitive processes and long settlement times (T+2/3)
Automates and combines trade confirmation, affirmation, and allocation into one step, allowing for rapid payment and settlement
Limited shares and investor base with secondary market trading limited to specific market hours
Permits single assets, REITs, and unlisted REITs to be traded electronically 24/7 to a global investor base
Portfolios are limited to REIT exposure
Allows for the creation of custom and unique product offerings with defined investor rights
Data Democratisation
Siloed data and low transparency (especially for non-listed REITs)
Disseminates asset information and provides transparency, giving people real-time access to due diligence information

Key Benefits

  • Increase transparency between buyers and sellers with less administrative work and middle man
  • Increase investor pools by offering fractionalisation to decrease minimum requirements for investment
  • Frictionless and quick transfer of ownership with complete transparency and accuracy

Regulation A (U.S.)

Tokenised real estate portfolios in order to be traded on the secondary market


Tokenised bonds to facilitate acquisition and construction of real estate

Real estate financing

Real estate token offering to finance development

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